सम्पुर्ण इन्टेक १/१९८० नम्बरी तपाइँ हरुको हार्दिक स्वागत गर्दछ ।  


इन्टेक् १-१९८० तपाईंहरु को स्वागत् गर्दछ!

Upcoming Events



27 March 2021

Saturday, 1300 hrs - 1700 hrs

Intake 1/1980 40th Anniversary Celebration - 6 June 2020
This event is postponed to 4 June 2022 due to Covid-19 Pandemic

Dear Numbari Saheb haru 🙏

I'm pleased to remind you Intake 1/80, 40th Anniversary celebration taking place on Sat 6th Jun 2020 at Lakeside Country Club, Frimley Green, Camberley, Surrey GU16 6PT starting 4pm. Party will end at 11.30pm. All numbaries & bahini are encouraged to attend this remarkable event with pride. Further details will be circulated on the Intake website and via emails. In general; it's based on a dinner night format as follows:
Seating - 8/decorated round table.
Food - 3 course meal served by waitresses.
Drinks - free drinks of members choice organised paid for in advance.
Entertainment - variety cultural performances including, songs, music performed by local artists and khusi ko natch.
Free intake 1/80 tie & badge for ladies.
Based on all above per head £70. i.e for both Mr & Mrs will be £140. 50% must be paid by 30th Jan remaining 50% by 15th Apr. Please copy & paste your attendance returns together payment ref must be your 4 fig Army no as earlier as possible taking note of the deadlines.

Bank details:
HSBC Bank business Account
Name : Bahudal, Sort Code : 40-35-45, Account Number: 61516884

The above bank detail is solely for the use of 40th anniversary party only.
Area Reps are requested to encourage members within your respective areas.

Queries on payments are to be addressed to:
Tekansing Gurung: Mob- 07825 950453
Ek Gurung: Mob- 07882 041867

Kind Regards
Rane Gurung, Event Coord 1/80

Annual Get-Together & BBQ Party - 3 Jun 2017

This year's Intake 1/1980 Annual Get Together & BBQ Party will be held in Ashford, Kent. Numbaris from Ashford have volunteered to organise the party. Please click the Link below to read the full Party Administrative Instructions.........!

Election 2017 Result: Message from the Election Commissioner - Mr Ramesh Gurung

Dear all Numberi Sahebs,

Namaskar!  We, the Election Commission Team of Intake 1/1980, are very pleased to inform you all that the following members have been elected / selected during our AGM / Election held on Sat 25th March 2017 at Nirmaya Rodhi Ghar, Aldershot to take the responsibility of new Executive committee members for 2017 - 2020 with effect from Saturday 3rd June 2017.  List of newly elected Executive Committee Members and Area Representatives members are attached herewith for your information.

We would like to request all members and families to join us to "Congratulate" the newly elected members who have very kindly volunteered to take the responsibilities and lead our organisation for the next 3 years.

Finally, on behalf of all Intake 1/1980 members and families, we would like to express our gratitude to all outgoing  Executive Committee Members (Chairman, Mr Ashok Rai and his entire team) for their selfless, hard work and guiding through us to the right way for the betterment of all Numberis for the past three years.  You all did an excellent job, an example to all of us.  Once again, thank you all for everything.
Jai Bahudal!

With Warm regards,

On behalf of all Election Commission Team Members,

Ramesh Gurung
Coordinator Election Commission Team
Intake 1/1980

Mob: 07883010320
Email: rameshtamu88@gmail.com

AGM - 25 March 2017