सम्पुर्ण इन्टेक १/१९८० नम्बरी तपाइँ हरुको हार्दिक स्वागत गर्दछ ।  


इन्टेक् १-१९८० तपाईंहरु को स्वागत् गर्दछ!

AGM & Election 2017

Intake 1/1980’s 9th Annual General Meeting and 4th General Assembly was held on 25th March 2017 at Nirmaya Rodhighar, Aldershot. About 80 numbaris including some numbarni bahinis attended the meeting.

The meeting started slightly behind schedule. The Secretary Mr Dev Thapa, brought the meeting to a start. He gave a short H & S brief. The Vice Chairman, Mr Dil GC, welcomed everyone and then the Chairman of Intake 1/80, Mr Ashok Rai, formally opened the meeting.

A membership update report was given by the treasurer, Mr Mani Rai, who tirelessly works like a “Trojan”. A total of 406 members are registered on our books which makes our numbari association one of the largest organisations in terms of numbers amongst the Nepalese diaspora in the UK. He then gave details of the financial report to the members’ satisfaction.

The meeting agendas were mainly focused on members’ welfare businesses. Thorough discussions were carried out and decisions were made on the agendas. The most important and promising decision was to celebrate our Intake’s 40th Anniversary in 2020 in a jubilant and fashionable manner. To find out the cost, venue and to include most entertaining programme on the day, a taskforce team of three Numbaris was formed under the command of Mr Vesh Bahadur Thapa. After making enquiries he will brief all the Numbaris nearer the time. The first part of the day concluded on time with the Chairman dissolving the fourth Executive Committee. He then requested the Election team to carry out the election.

The second and the most important part of the meeting was the election and selection of the 5th Executive Committee. Our all-time favourite Election Commissioner Mr Ramesh Gurung along with his election team Mr Rane Gurung and Mr Tekansing Gurung both ex-Chairman and the current Advisors of Intake 1/1980 organisation. The election team were fully prepared to carry out the task. They selected candidates to all the key posts. Mr Gun Bahadur Gurung emerged as the New Chairman of Intake 1/1980 as he was only candidate for the post. He will serve as Chairman for three years until 2020. On behalf of all the Numbaris I congratulate the New Chairman and wish him all the best for a successful tenure.

All in all, the AGM and the Election went very well. Members enjoyed the Food, Drinks and Dance. Special thanks to Numbari Dhan Chand and bahini for entertaining us with their twists and turns dancing moves. We all made our way home hoping to see each other again in our Summer get together on 3rd of June 2017 in Ashford, Kent.


Jai Bahudal!


Yam Gurung

(PR/Media/Web Admin)

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